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Me and Dad on my wedding day. 
I remember every Saturday morning growing up very clearly. After a long week of school, I always imagined I would get to sleep in, laze around in my pajamas, and do whatever I wanted all day. But that illusion was quickly shattered by a wake-up call from my Dad. 

I’d like to think I remember this being at some ridiculous hour like 5AM, but it was probably more like 8 or so when I’d hear, “time to wake up boys and girls! We’ve got work to do!” I’d grumble and roll out of bed (cause if I didn’t, he’d be back 1 minute later) and get ready to work. There were always various chores to be done, and my dad was always there to make sure my siblings and I did them correctly. 

We’d work hard, but once we were done we could play with friends or whatever our hearts desired. While I may not have necessarily appreciated it at the time, looking back now I recognize a lot of important lessons I learned from these Saturday mornings at home. Who would’ve thought I’d ever appreciate doing chores? I’m certain my Dad wouldn’t have ever imagined this day. :) But on those days, I learned the importance of work, and the value of a work ethic. I learned the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. But even more importantly, I learned the value of doing things in their proper order; of the idea that you have to work to reach your reward. And that can apply in a much bigger way in all of our lives.

And on those Saturday mornings spent doing chores, one thing I always appreciated about my dad was that he was there right alongside us, working too. I don’t think I realized how much of an impact that had on me until much later. Just like he was trying to teach us, he also had a strong work ethic himself. From the time I was very young, I always remember my dad working hard at everything he did.

I have a pretty fantastic dad. And this little excerpt from my life is just one of the millions of things I love about him. He works so hard, and he's such a great example to his kids and all of those around him. Not only does he continue to teach me so much, but we're really great friends now, too. And I'm so, so, lucky to have him as my dad. 

Jim watchin Jack's tricks at Zupas.
Couldn't let this go by without a shout-out to my Jim! We're just beginning this journey of parenthood, and while we're still pretty much in the phase of just keeping Jack alive :), Jim is already the most amazing dad. 

People always say that "mama" will be your kid's first word, but I'm fairly certain Jack said "dada" first. A while back I started pointing to Jim in pictures and asking Jack who it was, and from very early on he'd respond with "dada" (which then turned into every thing that hangs on a wall being "dada", ha!) but it's always been apparent that Jack and his dad have a special connection and it just makes me so happy to watch.

Jack LOVES his dad and his favorite thing is running to the door when dad comes home from work. Jim is the best playmate, the best book-reader (usually including tickles on specific words that Jack has come to expect), he changes diapers, puts Jack to sleep, he'll take him out to run some errands when I just need a break :) and so much more. He's concerned about Jack's well-being, he's a very hands-on father and I love it so much. At this point I probably appreciate Jim's fatherly-ness more than Jack does, but I'm sure someday Jack will be able to go on and on about how much he loves his dad. 

Jack and I are so lucky to have this guy in our lives. He is endlessly patient, constantly serving both me and Jack, and is the funniest, goofiest, kindest, best father. Couldn't imagine my life without him!

Happy Father's Day!

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