Hall of Breakfast

by - 6/23/2018

I've seen pictures of this Hall of Breakfast all over instagram the past few weeks, and I thought it would be a fun place to take Jack. I wasn't sure when to go, but it's a popup museum and is only here til July 9th, so I didn't want to miss it! Jim was out of town for the past few days at youth conference with our ward, and I asked around and nobody else was available last night. But, I didn't want to sit at home, so off Jack and I went on our own!

And we had the best time.

This Hall of Breakfast is basically just a warehouse type building that has all these colorful displays relating to, you guessed it - breakfast. There were treats in each room (ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, donuts, pancakes, waffles, gummy candies shaped like eggs) and then there were games, things to play on, a ball pit, and of course, the confetti room! I think Jack liked that one the best, we stayed in there for probably 20 minutes! The confetti was kind of slippery though, so he kept falling down, ha.  But he had so much fun! I haven't done anything like this just Jack and I before, and I had so much fun with him! It was a fun little play date.

Now, this place is very picturesque (kind of the point, I think) so I have approx 1 zillion pictures, but I'll try to narrow it down! Here we go. :)
I'm always all for a Ron Swanson quote. This was at the entrance and I instantly knew I'd love it. :)
You enter through this fridge door, so cute! Jack was kind of freaked out when we walked in here though, haha. 
After that first picture, he started just walking up to all the walls and posing for me. :)
This thing was too dang slippery for me in my dress, so we opted for Jack on top and me posing awkwardly to the side.
After he ran around the egg room a little bit, he went back and just posed like this for me. :)
He also had one of the egg candies in his mouth in this one.
The bacon room! This is the only picture I got in here, with the bacon slide, which he was afraid of. 
And the biggest hit: the confetti room!!!
Again, he went and posed here on his own. Lol.
He played with this stuff for so long.
I am sad that my bag is in the corner of this picture, haha. But still cute!
Thanks to the random lady who took this picture for us!
So happy.
He loved to touch everything, and the best part was, that's what you're supposed to do in this place!
This room wasn't as bright and shiny, but Jack loved the "liiiiiiii" (lights) and we stayed in here for a while.
He LOVED this donut swing but would NOT smile for the random dude taking our picture, haha. As soon as the guy left, Jack was back to all smiles, of course.
The ball pit was a little stressful at first. :)
Still not sure what to think....
Until we started throwing the balls!
And from then on it was just a party. 
I love this face.

I am obsessed with this picture, and this kid. 

Happy Saturday!!!

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