Jack vs. The Strawberries

by - 6/18/2018

This kid, he's so confusing. Probably 6 months ago or so, he climbed on the table at a family dinner and ate strawberries and blueberries out of a big serving bowl for like 20 minutes.

But then, after that for the longest time he would. not. touch. them. Strawberries were suddenly the devil. 

I get real annoyed when I prepare something for him and he won't eat it (I know, I know, it's just getting started) so I haven't given him strawberries for a while. Imagine my surprise when Grandma gave him these last night, and clearly, he went to town, ha! It was SO funny, we were all dying over his enthusiastic enjoyment of them. She'd only give him a couple at a time, but then immediately after finishing he'd say "ah bah bite?" which means "another bite?". 

What a loon, I love him so much. He has personality coming out his ears and about 97% of the time it's really delightful (the other 3% is his freak outs in nursery. We won't talk about that right now). 

Even though he constantly is keeping me on my toes about what he will or won't eat at any given time, he seriously brings me SO much joy, and I love being his momma.

Happy Monday. :)

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