Jack's Milestone Book

by - 6/28/2018

101 in 1001 #2. Make a photo book of Jack's first year, and finish his milestone book || 2/2 Completed June 2018: finish his milestone book.

After my sad post of list fails yesterday, I figured it was time for some happier news, something I actually completed! 

Right after Jack was born, someone posted about these adorable baby milestone books on instagram. I was a little bit behind, but I figured it would be fun to start one for Jack and remember how he was at each month. 

While I wrote down all of his milestones as I went along (sometimes having to catch up on a couple months at a time... haha), I didn't have any of the pictures printed until close to his first birthday. It seems kind of silly to have done this AND a photo book, but I like that the milestone book is more of a highlight reel, and the photo book is basically... every picture ever. Haha. 

Anyway, I really like how this turned out! We printed the pictures at Walmart, and some of them have really blown-out colors which isn't my favorite. So for that reason, perhaps I will reprint a few of them at Costco (I have learned). But I'm not holding myself to that since it took me so long to get this done at all! So for now I'll consider it checked off.
By the time I got around to this part, he was probably 6 months old and we didn't have tracings of his hands. Sad day. But the hospital did foot prints so we used those!
This book has some "all about me" stuff at the beginning, and then it has month-by-month updates which were really fun.

It's so fun to look back at how much he changed each month, which was SO much in that first year! And I still think he's a tiny baby, but looking at these pictures again, I realize he's really not. :'(

Another section of the book has "firsts" as well as first holidays. Feelin a little silly that on Mother's Day and Father's Day he doesn't have a picture with his mother or his father, but ya know. It is what it is. I'm not perfect. Ha!

I guess I can't say this book is 100% done, because it has pages for each of his birthdays up to 5. But what I really wanted to do was get all the first year stuff done, and I think I can handle doing an update in it once a year from here on out! :)

I will say, after doing this AND a photobook, I'm not convinced that I'll do both for all of my children. I feel like I could probably combine the two into one project. But still, it was fun to put this together and remember all of his little milestones along the way. 

Happy Thursday!

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