My Happy Place

by - 6/26/2018

This beautiful mountain lake is a place I've visited every year since I was a baby.

With its weathered, sliver-giving wooden dock, beautiful pine tree border, and serenely quiet beauty, it will always have a place in my heart.

We're heading up here today. We stay in my grandparent's cabin, which was built by my great-grandfather for his wife. And while he never intended it to house 28 of his descendants at once, we somehow always made it work. These days, we keep the numbers a bit smaller - there will be 11 of us this time - but it still stands up as the one of the best trips of the year.

The time spent here is filled with laughter, games, time on the lake, staying up too late, eating delicious food, breathing in delicious mountain air, and getting a nice reprieve from the monotony of everyday life.

I've been thinking lately that my years at this beautiful place might be numbered, due to our family getting larger, the more babies we have in our family, and so on. No, this is not an announcement, but I do think that once Jim and I have a toddler and a baby it may become infinitely harder to make this place work. Sure, my mom did it, but she's definitely a low-stress person and I... am not. :) And my great-grandfather didn't really build this cabin to fit a bunch of playpens, or to provide a private sleeping area for babies.

But we'll see.

Regardless, I love visiting here each year and hope I can continue to share with my children the joy that is Island Park. This year, I'm excited for Jack to play in the shallow end of the water, throwing rocks and enjoying the dirt like his aunts, uncles, and relatives before him. It should be a fun week!

Happy Tuesday.

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