Our Spare Bedroom

by - 6/02/2018

101 in 1001 #73: Decorate the extra bedroom. || Complete January 2018

When we moved into this townhouse, I was pregnant with Jack and we knew we wanted at least two bedrooms. A two bedroom unit wasn't available in our timeframe, but a 3-bedroom was and it was only a little bit more for rent. We decided to go for it even though we really didn't need the extra room, but now I'm realllllly glad we have it! It will allow us to stay in this house longer (which will probably be a thing for a while since Jim is going back to school), and it's been really nice to have the extra space. 

For a long time, this room was kind of just a dumping ground for extra stuff. It wasn't really a useful space. We have a good amount of storage space in our house so I knew we didn't NEED it to be a storage room, so I decided I wanted it to be functional, and also decorated! Of course I continue my bad habit of not taking before photos, but you'll just have to imagine the mess and the non-cuteness. :)

The first thing I wanted in there was a bookshelf. I have a bazillion books, and we used to keep them in our family room, but once Jack could move around that was no bueno. So, the next solution was keeping them on the closet shelves, but that was annoying for me because I'm short and I hated that they were kind of hard to get to! So, we went to IKEA and snagged this shelf. And I kind of thought we'd never be able to fill it completely but... we already have. I've already started some double rows, ha! And, of course, I organized them by color. Cause it's fun. 

As for the rest of the items in the room, they were things we already had, which made this decorating project really cheap and simple. A few years a go I had a "happy mail" subscription that sent me a bunch of cards, quotes, and other cutesy stuff every month. I've since gotten rid of it, because it was more than I knew what to do with. But I just pulled these out of a box, used some frames we already had, and then also just taped a few more to the wall with some washi tape. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and of course I love the colorfulness!

The other item we put in here was the curtains, which I feel was the perfect finishing touch. And we actually already had these too! When we first got married these were in our room, but I decided I just didn't love our yellow bedspread so we went a different route with the blue. But, I kept these curtains and I'm so glad I did. I love the way they brighten up this room. 

Eventually, this room will be a bedroom for another kid, and I have no idea where we'll put the computer when that happens. But, for now it's a fun little office space that both Jim and I use and it's just so bright and happy.  

Huzzah! Happy Saturday!

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  1. Seriously love it! And the bookshelf is making me all sorts of happy with how you arranged the books. I love that you're getting so many things done!! We need to catch up in person soon!! :D


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