The Dinosaur Museum

by - 6/14/2018

101 in 1001 #6: Take Jack to the Dinosaur Museum. || Completed 6.12.2018

When I was younger, my mom took my siblings and I to the "dinosaur museum" as we called it, but it's actually called The Museum of Ancient Life. Whatever the name, I just love that place! The last time I went was with my siblings when I was 16 or 17, and I still loved it even then! So, I figured (or hoped, at least) that Jack would love it too.

I kind of thought that his enjoyment of it would be better in a year or so, but my sister convinced me that Jack and cousin Leah (who's just a few months younger) would love it now.

And, no surprise, they did!

My mom, Lex, the kiddos and I all trekked out there on Tuesday and we had a blast! There weren't many people there so the kids kind of had free reign to just run everywhere, and I'm sure that's largely why they had such a good time. :) There are also a lot of hands-on things that were super fun for these littles who don't really know what dinosaurs are yet. And while there are many things at this museum that I definitely think older kids would appreciate a little more, and we also decided that $20 was a little steep for what's there, we had a grand ol' time!

They kept saying "whoa" or "wow" at all the little exhibits. And these fish were fake. Not hard to please these two! :)

Jack also played on these stairs for a few minutes. Cause, ya know, can't see stairs anywhere else. Haha.
The part I was most excited for Jack to experience is the "erosion table" which is basically just a big area with sand, water, and toy dinosaurs that you can play with. Just as I suspected, he quite enjoyed this part. Even though he tried to eat the sand, didn't like it, and then got mad when he tried to brush it off his tongue with his hand... which was also covered in sand. Haha. Silly kid.

I just love that Jack has his cute cousin Leah who lives so close and loves to play with him! She is constantly asking for him, and even though they're not always the best at sharing :), they have so much fun together and it's so so fun to watch. Now we just need to get him hanging out more with his Neve cousins! 

And the last part before the end: more sand to dig in! So fun.
I don't know that we will frequent this museum as it really is pretty pricey, but it was fun to go this time, and I'm sure we'll go again someday! I highly recommend it!

Happy Thursday. :)

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