The Truth About Forever | A Book Review

by - 6/11/2018

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Let me tell you about one of my all-time favorite books.

Macy Queen is known as the girl who was there when her father died, suddenly, of a heart attack. Growing weary of the pitying glances she's constantly getting, she decides to prove to everyone that she's fine-just-fine. Along with her savvy businesswoman of a mother, Macy does everything exactly right. She has the perfect boyfriend, the perfect job at the library, and plans to spend her summer nights studying for her SATs.

That is, until she meets the Wish Catering crew, who give her a taste for what she didn't know she needed: a little chaos in her life.

Most interesting of the group is the "quiet, but incredible" Wes Baker - a humble artist who has a lot more to him than meets the eye. 

Can Macy step outside of her perfect shell and learn what it's like to feel again?

This book. 

There are not adequate words to describe my love for this book! I will always remember the first time I read it. I'm the type of girl who definitely judges a book by its cover. And, in high school, on my first ever trip to Powell's books in Portland, OR (one of my favorite places IN THE WORLD), this one caught my eye. I didn't know anything about it other than my good friend was a Sarah Dessen fan, but on a whim I decided to buy it and see what I thought.

And once I opened it, I immediately devoured it in one night. We're talkin, staying up til 3AM reading.

I have since read it 2 or 3 more times, and I just read it again last week! It still gets to me every time. 

I've also read every other book by Sarah Dessen and definitely think she's a master of YA realistic fiction. But this one? It's far and away her very best. First of all, it's clean: a couple of curse words, but that's it. More importantly, it's just beautifully written! Down to each and every minor character, they all come alive so vividly and each really add to the story. I don't think I've ever read another book (okay, besides HP) that has such lovable side characters. I want to be friends with (nearly) all of them!

I also really love the storyline with Macy's mother. She's a difficult nut to crack, and it's hard to read at times, but deep down you know she loves her daughter and it's incredible the way Dessen brings that across, and so subtly too.

And Wes -- oh, Wes. Just the perfect book crush. Imagine high school me reading this for the first time and sa-wooning (you'll understand this word if you read the book ;) over him with all my heart. He's just the perfect mix of sensitive, strong, interesting, and just enigmatic enough to keep you wanting more.

But, most of all, I LOVE Macy's character arc. While this book has strong elements of that romantic interest, Macy's story of finding herself is one of the most thrilling things about this book. It's honestly breathtaking and so beautiful!

If you only ever read one Sarah Dessen book, this one should be it. It's beautiful, moving, sweet, funny, and just perfect. 

I'd give it 10,000,000 stars if I could. :) 

Happy Monday!

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