This Kid.

by - 6/29/2018

Jack was being mega cute with this hat, and for the first time in his history of hats he actually wanted it on! But of course, whenever I tried to get a picture with it on in a cute way, he started being crazy. He's definitely NOT camera shy, but he just moves so fast, it's kind of difficult to get a good picture of him lately.

I can't believe he's almost 2! In just over 2 months I will have a two year old. That is a crazy thought. To be honest, it feels like he's always been in our family, but at the same time it feels like just yesterday that he was born! I know he's 100% a toddler now and no longer a baby, but man that just zipped right by. I kind of can't handle it. There's another few of those cliche mommy quotes for ya. :) 

Well, this is kind of a silly, short post, but there you have it! I love this boy more than words.

Happy Friday!

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