A Little Jack Photo Dump

by - 7/30/2018

I had a few random photos of Jack from the past few weeks that I wanted to share, because he's cute. So, here they are!
A little walk down to the church when we were feeling cooped up inside. Kiddo loves playing in these rocks!

Also noticed all the "tucks!" that passed by. Which, translated, is any vehicle. :)

I just love watching him explore.

After our outside play in 90+ degrees, naturally he wanted a "bake-ett!" when we came inside. 

"Reading" with dad. Kid loves to do everything his dad does.

That one time I needed to get ready real quick so I put him in the stroller, inside. Clearly he was happy about it. 

Homeboy loooooves his smoothies. Sure doesn't know how to get it all in his mouth though!

And finally, the one semi-good picture I have of him enjoying the fireworks on the 24th. It was so cute to hear him say "wow!" and "light!" every other second. 
I love this kid. Happy Monday!

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