Little Boy in a Creek

by - 7/14/2018

Yesterday, my dear friend Kari (of TWENTY YEARS! I'm old enough to have had friends for 20 years. Just let that sink in for a second) texted me to let me know she was coming up, kind of spur of the moment, and wanted to know if Jack and I would want to hang out! I hadn't seen her in ages and I also didn't have anything going on that morning, so we met up!

Sadly, I failed and didn't take any pictures WITH her or her cute boy, I only got these two little random ones of Jack.

Still - we had the best time! We went to this new park in Bountiful, complete with a HUGE playground with some cool water features, and then this fun little creek! I wasn't necessarily planning on getting in the creek, because we'd been there once before and we didn't get in, so I didn't bring a swimsuit. But this time, Jack was all for it! And.... he got 100% soaked.

It's a perfect little place for him to play because the water is very shallow, so I could stand in it with him, and he could just kind of walk around and explore. But of course he fell down a couple times and his clothes were sopping. But hey, getting covered in dirt and creek water is what childhood is all about, right?! :)

Speaking of childhood, Kari and I go wayyyyy back (as I mentioned before). She was my very first friend when my family moved to Farmington right before I started second grade. We're only a month apart in age, and we had many school classes together, were in the same ward growing up, and friendship has always been easy for us. It's kind of wild to spend time with her now that we each have our own children, because those childhood days spent with her really don't feel that far in the past.

I've been getting a little nostalgic around here lately, and I think that's for a combination of reasons. Probably one of the biggest being that I'm living right where I grew up, and I'm experiencing my first real summer with Jack when he can really experience that childhood magic. It's so, so fun to be at this stage, to relive so many of my childhood memories, and to make new ones with Jack and other people I've known and loved forever! I'm so lucky.

Happy Saturday!

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