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by - 7/11/2018

101 in 1001 #30. Post 5 times a week on the blog for one month || Completed June 2018

This picture has nothing to do with this post, I just like it. :)
You may or may not have noticed.... I've been present a lot more on this here blog the past month! One of the items on my 1001 in list was to blog 5 times a week for a month, and I accomplished that in June! Along with that, I made a personal goal to write every day and often blogging is that daily checkmark, but writing more has made me want to... write more! I have to say, it's been really fun to keep this up, and it's definitely becoming a habit, even when I was in Idaho for a week (I scheduled those posts in advance, because the internet is crap up there. But it still counts!). I've now written more on my blog this year than the past 3 years combined, so I think that's pretty neat!

I know I've said this approximately 100 times lately on here, but I've made the decision to continually do what makes me happy, regardless of what anyone else thinks. In this particular case, that means blogging my heart out because I want to, and not because anyone else is even looking at it. It has filled my soul (something else I say a lot, haha) to write about my life, post pictures, and just enjoy this space again. I'm not planning to stop this trend anytime soon! I'm loving this blogging 5 times a week thing and it's honestly really not as hard as I thought it would be to fit it in! Sure, there are times and seasons for everything, and I may not always say this. I will also admit that it's not always easy breezy (exhibit A: Jack is currently emptying my wallet as I type this. Baha) but making this a priority has been not only important to me but really fulfilling, too.

Blogging is the only form of journaling I've really ever been able to stick to somewhat consistently, and based on my track record on here, that's really not that great overall, ha! But I'm changing that now and I couldn't be more excited and happy.

There's just something about writing goals down on a list and giving myself a deadline that really works for me. Woot woot for crossing things off!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I've loved reading all the posts you've shared! And it's been nice to have something to read consistently :) Hooray for another item passed off your list and hooray for doing something you love! Keep it up :D


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