Lunch Date.

by - 7/27/2018

Last week, I had some plans for one of my days off, and they fell through last minute. As happens, this made me inexplicably bummed. I genuinely enjoy my "home all day" days when I have them, but when I've been gearing up for a fun day out and about and that suddenly isn't going to happen, I guess it just gets me down sometimes. 

I was trying to figure out what to do with my time instead, when Jim suggested we meet up for lunch! This isn't something that happens often as Jim works about 20 minutes away, and coming to us for lunch means he uses almost all his lunch hour driving, or he has to take an extra long lunch. Basically, it's not easy. But for some reason that offering just filled my soul! Jack and I still had to fill the rest of our day, obviously, but it was so fun to see Jim in the middle of the day!

We met up at Nielsen's in Bountiful, and had delicious sandwiches and concretes, of course! 

This husband of mine, he's the tops. Even when they might seem silly, he's always noticing my needs and making sure I'm happy. This was such a simple gesture but it meant so much to me! I'm so lucky to have him. He's so kind, selfless, generous, smart, and the best husband and dad. I keep feeling anxious about him starting school (and it's only two nights a week! I don't know why I'm so nervous about it). But he's constantly assuring ME that it will all be great. Isn't that kind of backwards? HE'S the one who will be spending time in classes and doing homework and basically all the hard stuff for the next two years, and I'M the one getting nervous?! Classic Ashley move right there. 

But the great thing about Jim is he doesn't make fun of me for being a little silly or anxious. Instead, he just reassures me and loves me, and I'll forever be thankful to him for that.

Happy Friday.

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