Mesa Falls, Idaho

by - 7/06/2018

I mentioned this in my previous post, but while we were in Island Park I really wanted to visit Yellowstone. Even though our cabin is less than an hour from it, we haven't made it there in several years! (Probably because we got Yellowstone overload when we were kids, but who knows.) We talked about going the Friday we were there, but we got rained out. I still really wanted to see some lovely nature though, and my mom and I decided we'd go check out Mesa Falls on Saturday as long as the weather was good. Not everyone wanted to come, so it was just the parents, Jim, Jack, Jared and me! It's so easy to get to, like not even a hike, you just walk along a little boardwalk and you see some I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E views! I'm so glad we went, and it was 100% worth it. Jack was showing us his best 'tude while we were there so that was fun, ha.  But really, nature is just amazing and beautiful things like this just fill my soul.

First off, we went to the overlook where you could see the waterfall from above!

The view went on for miles. Just breathtaking.

Jack's 'tude, ladies and gents.

After this, we drove to the other lookout point, which was the waterfall up close! I could've stayed staring at this for hours.

Well, this was the best photo even with the bro's eyes closed. Sorry, Jare.

The view opposite the waterfall. Just as beautiful!!

Walking back to the car. Finally got a smile out of this kid.
Ahhh, it was just glorious. I love nature!

Happy Friday.

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