Simple Joys

by - 7/19/2018

Last week, after picking up my race bib for the 5K, we headed over to nearby Station Park to grab some dinner and check out the fountain. Jack is loving "wawer" and "lights!" lately so we figured he'd enjoy watching the fountain with the colored lights! Obviously, he did. :) He watched it for a solid 20 minutes, pointing and laughing and oohing and ahhing. It was pretty dang cute!

It's so special for me to see the relationship between this kiddo and his dad. They have so much fun together, and Jim can calm Jack down like no one else can. Jack seems to switch off on who he prefers; lately it's me, but in this moment he didn't even look at me or reach for me once. He was just havin fun with Dad.

These moments were pretty simple, but it's the times like these that I want to remember. The simple, free ;), easy things we did together as a family that felt magical and beautiful and fun and sweet and something I want ingrained in my memory forever. Kids are so easily pleased, so easily entranced by the simplest joys and it's a good reminder to pause and appreciate the little moments like this.

Happy Thursday.

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