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by - 7/07/2018

101 in 1001 #26. Go to at least 3 concerts/shows: a band I love, a classical music concert, and a broadway show (or, more realistically, something at Tuachan) | 2/3 Complete 7.4.2018: A Band I Love

I have an embarrassing confession.

Before this week, I'd only been to one live concert. 


How could this be, you ask, when I'm such a music fanatic? Well, here's the rest of the dumb story.

When I was in high school, I heard some artist sing live on TV (I don't even remember who it was!) and they were terrrrrrrrible. So based off that one person (really wish I could remember who), I convinced myself that I wouldn't ever enjoy live concerts because the artists would never sound as good as their albums. And being that I have a really sensitive music ear, I thought I couldn't get past any mistakes or issues that came up. 

How dumb is that?! 

Fast forward to college and I saw Parachute in concert. They were amazing, but the environment was not my favorite (sweaty/moshy/crowded/hot etc.) and I also wasn't there with people I enjoyed which really put a damper on things. So that further convinced me I was right about concerts. 

Regardless, I'd been interested in going to Stadium of Fire in Provo for several years now, but I hadn't liked the featured artists (country -- ew!) at all. Until this year, when I heard One Republic was coming! I have always loved their music -- Stop and Stare was my JAM in high school -- and I figured it would be something fun to do, even if they weren't that great. (BOY WAS I WRONG ABOUT THAT - THEY WERE AMAZING. MORE ON THAT LATER).

My mom graciously got me and Jim tickets for my birthday, and I was cautiously excited to go! Again shoutout to my kind parents for also watching Jack for us, because he wouldn't have lasted 20 minutes, haha. 

Stadium of Fire is probably named for the fireworks, but Jim and I decided it's because it's so dang HOT (at least on the east side, facing the sun like we were) but luckily the sun went behind the stands before too long. Before One Republic came out, there was a lot of patriotic fanfare, including the national anthem, honoring some important Americans, a flyover (AMAZING - I cried), dancers, and more. It was so fun and I felt extremely patriotic. 

After about an hour of that (which I enjoyed, but was just anxious for One Republic already), they FINALLY came out! And........... something was wrong with the sound and the first two songs had a crazy 2 second echo and it was kind of wild. I was ready to be super disappointed, when.... 


Ryan freaking Tedder, holy crap. He has one of the best voices I've ever heard, live and all. His falsetto was INCREDIBLE. He sounded JUST like his recordings (dare I say better?!?!?) and they truly put on a mind blowing show. I'm bummed for them that the sound was messed up at the beginning, but crap happens and they pulled it together and it honestly didn't even matter once they got going. They played for another hour after that and every second was flawless. I loved every song they did, they were so good with the crowd, the whole band was amazing.... just wow.

I know I'm gushing, but my good heck it was one of the best nights of my life. Good music FILLS MY SOUL. I'm still on a One Republic high and will probably be fangirling for the rest of forever. :) If you like them at all, and ever get the chance to see them, DO IT. 

Okay.... now after allllll that, here's a few pictures. :)
I wanted some pictures of the fam in our festive garb before we left Jack with the grandparents. I look better in this one, Jack looks better in the next one. What can you do. I'll share both. :)

On our way!

Slowly melting in the stands.

Wish I got a picture of the flyover, though I know a picture wouldn't do it justice.

ONE REPUBLIC! Woo! I have like 12 pictures that look just like this. I didn't take many, because I was just enjoying myself. But trust me when I say they were amazing, and you just had to be there. :)

After One Republic finished, there was an amazing fireworks show, which was a treat in and of itself. It was a perfect night.

And finally, a picture of Jack with Grandpa enjoying the fireworks. :) my mom said he seriously loved them, and I'm sort of bummed I missed out on seeing that. Good thing Utah is weird and will do more firework shows in a couple weeks so I didn't miss my chance! 
Happy Saturday, again!!

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