The Cabin 2018

by - 7/05/2018

The cabin trip this year was a success! It never fails to be one of my favorite trips of the year. 

(That makes it sound like I go on a lot of trips... I don't. But this one will always be a favorite. :)

My cute sister Lex is due with her second baby (a boy!) in about 5 weeks now and this week was the last week she was authorized by her doc to travel, so the fam all made arrangements so we could be there together. We couldn't all come up on the same day though, so we drove 4 separate cars to all make it up there. Lex and I left first, taking the babies with us. This first picture was taken right after we got there and went down to the lake to check it out! Leah ran right for the water, but Jack wouldn't really go near it. So we decided to take some pictures in these cute new chairs of them both together. They're little best friends and they did SO well in the car, keeping each other entertained! Makes me think Jack needs a sibling so he's not bored on long car rides... ;) (#notpregnant)
Not too long after we arrived, my parents got there! It was a quiet first night. The next day, we did a bunch of actual swimming in the lake! Leah, per usual, went right for it and Jack was very hesitant. It took some coaxing but we finally got him in the water and he ended up loving it... until he face planted and had a hard time getting up with his life jacket on. His face was probably only in the water for like 2 seconds, but that was enough for him to be over. it. Either way, we got some cute  pics of the kiddos with grandpa on the porch swing afterward!
There were some happy moments in the water! Doesn't that water look... super nasty? :) It is. But it's still fun.

(Not pictured: the time Jack tipped the porch swing over and landed on his face.... kid got some hard knocks this trip. :/  )

The second day, Jared, Breanna, and Grant all arrived and we all went swimming together the next day! In order to allow Lex and I to actually swim instead of standing in the shallow end throwing rocks, we put the babies on the jetski tube and they LOVED it and were so happy for like an hour! Although, Jack got some sunscreen in his eye which made his eye and nose water and his whole face was red. Despite that, he was still smiling! Happy tears, haha. :)

The third night, Jim and Blaine (the husbands) arrived and we were finally all there! We had discussed going to Yellowstone the next day, but the forecast showed torrential downpours for the whole afternoon (which proved to be true) and we opted for West Yellowstone instead. That li'l town is definitely not as cool as I thought it was when I was 5 and bought dumb little toys every year, but we still had a good time. :)

You can't quite see it, but the hat says "Here Comes Trouble" which is very fitting for this kid. If he kept hats on for more than two seconds, it probably would've come home with us. :)
Saturday, we went to Mesa Falls (which will be a separate post cause it was just that pretty). Sunday, we went to church and came back and took the customary pictures. :) My parents only got in the actual camera shots so we could use the self timer, and I don't have those. But we all had a blast together!
Always gettin in to some sort of trouble.

This trip was just perfect. Aside from all the pictured moments, we spent time reading (I read 2.5 books! That's a successful trip for that reason alone), watching movies, eating lots of good food, playing games late into the night, laughing, and just thoroughly enjoying ourselves. I love Island Park! 

Happy Thursday. 

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