This Place, Again

by - 7/03/2018

I'm fairly certain I have at least 1,000 pictures of this very dock at this very lake. I know I already posted one last week, but these were two I just took yesterday right before we headed home from glorious Island Park. Of course the weather was gorgeous the day we had to leave (it was a bit chilly for the rest of the week), but it was kind of nice to be cold before coming home to 100 degree weather!

This trip was just a blast, as always. I love this place. I probably talk about it too much, but hey - it's my blog, so there you go. 

I have some more pictures and things I want to share from this trip, but for now these two pictures of my favorite lake in the world will have to do. This place has my heart and I'm  always SO sad to leave!! 

It's kind of weird to come back home, but it's good too. This week I'm looking forward to heading to the Stadium of Fire to see One Republic! I got tickets for my birthday and I couldn't be more excited!
More to come soon.

Happy Tuesday!

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