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by - 7/10/2018

Can you even handle his eyelashes?! I mean, seriously.

The other day, Jack was getting a bit of "cabin fever" if you will. He always wants to go "OU-SYYYY?" (we're still working on consonants) but it's just so bloody hot these days that it's hard for me to want to say yes, unless we're immediately jumping in a pool. 


He was getting anxious and nothing was calming him down so we decided to go outside and play with this little bubble squirt gun for a few minutes. It's kind of crazy how happy being outside makes him. Maybe it's the change of scenery, or maybe it's the freedom to run around, even though we don't have much of a backyard. Who knows what it is, but it seems to always do the trick, and I need to remember that a few moments of sweat are worth it. :) While we were playing, I decided to mess with the portrait mode on my phone and took a few cute pictures of this kiddo. 

When Jim saw the last picture, he said it looked like it belonged on a campaign poster. Like something you'd see around a high school during student body elections. I will say, this kid does have a certain charm... I'd vote for him. :)

Life with this wild child isn't always easy. Some days (like today for instance) I get dressed before he's awake, and I'm wearing a cute white shirt. Then, inexplicably, he pours wet peanut butter cereal all over my shirt (and not a crumb gets on him) so I'm forced to change. Then we head to the store and he spends the time screeching (something about a big store makes him want to be very loud), smacking my face, and throwing stuff out of the cart. Once we get home he refuses to eat ANYTHING which just furthers his cranky mood. It's.... a treat. Luckily we had the option to go straight to naps after this (yes, that's plural. I took one too). And we're all feeling much better this evening.

Being a mom is challenging and interesting and crazy and sometimes monotonous. But it's also so fun, too. For every hard moment, there's a really good one. Like when he randomly runs up and gives me a kiss or a hug. Or he dances with me to my favorite song. Or I watch him experience something for the first time. He's starting to get to an age where I can see that magic in his eyes and oh, it's so special! Tonight, after his grumpy morning and afternoon, he spent about 45 minutes just sitting on my lap, laughing and giggling and not letting me put him down. It was just the sweetest thing! Hanging out with Jack Jack is one of my very favorite activities. I can't believe how fast this boy is growing, and how much I love him even when he drives me crazy. 

Happy Tuesday.

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