In Which Becca Picks THE WRONG GUY

by - 8/07/2018

The following post contains overdramatic rambling about a stupid reality TV show. Proceed at your own risk. :)

I've been watching The Bachelor franchise for more than 10 years now. And look, I know it's all manipulative drivel. 

Still, it's entertaining TV and guilty pleasure at its finest and I found myself more invested in this season than I've been in recent years. Maybe it's because I watched it each week with a group of friends, maybe it's because I liked Becca a lot more than I've liked the past few leads. Maybe it's because I was extra careful to avoid spoilers so I really bought into the suspense.

But the biggest reason? BLAKE HORSTMANN ya'll. 

Alllllll of my friends liked Garrett better but I shipped Blake so hard it hurts. Garrett's goofy side was endearing, but it sometimes felt like it was his ONLY side, ya feel? Blake could be goofy or serious. He went through difficult things and came out on the other side a better man. He loved Becca for her strength and wanted to be her equal partner. The guy just had depth! Maybe his sad stories and hardships just hit me in the feels but whatever the reason he just got to me. 

I wanted Becca to pick him so badly, but I just KNEW she wouldn't. I knew, after being one of my favorite Bachelorettes ever, she'd let me down. Watching her break Blake's heart broke MY heart, OK?????

As per tradition, watched the finale with the sista. Shoulda heard our screams of despair when Blake got out of the boat first.  
:( :( :( 

And her reasons? "I was just so focused on my relationship with you [Blake] that I couldn't give attention to any others". UMM Beccs, that means he was THE ONE, ya dummy. SHE HAD SOMETHING REAL WITH BLAKE, DANG IT. I think Becca and Blake would've been a freaking power couple. 

Personally, watching her and Garrett together gave me massive eye-rolls. I just think they're too giggly and excited about their perfect future and I hope they can get past their infatuation phase and find something real. I genuinely hope that she can get past the biggest mistake of her life and make the best of it. 

This tweet had me LOL'ing: 

Beccs, you had a perfect man right in front of ya and you threw him away for a (handsome, sure) giggly goofy goober. I don't think Garrett is a BAD choice, I think he's a sweetheart. He just wasn't the BEST choice.

Sigh, oh well. 

Now I just have an inner battle on whether I want a whole season of Jason as bachelor on my screen come January, or if I want more Blake. I mean, I always want more Blake, but I think Jason might be the more conventional choice. We'll see.

Just please, no Colton.

And that concludes Ashley's weird rant about completely inconsequential topics. Thanks for reading her feelings on ridiculous things that are clearly REALLY important to have such strong opinions on. Back to our regular programming tomorrow... Happy Tuesday. :)

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