Welcome, August

by - 8/02/2018

August has always brought with it the promise of change, new beginnings. 

Summer starts to wind down, school begins.

Of course I haven't gone back to school in August for 5 years now, but I still love this time of year. I remember the promise of new classes, new friends, new experiences. New outfits, new shoes, new backpack. Empty notebooks. An eager mind ready to learn. 

This year, I still won't be joining the ranks of students, but my husband will.

And I admit, I'm a little bit jealous. That will probably fall away when I see all the homework he has to do. But he told me the other day that he's excited. And I'm so glad. 

(I would be worried if he wasn't).

This new beginning will hopefully bring big changes for our family in the long run, as ideally this schooling will open some new job opportunities for Jim when he's done. Sure, we have two years to go before we really even think about that, but that's the end goal.

It's gonna be hard (can you tell this is constantly on my mind since I can't stop writing about it?!) but it will be so great. 

Cheers to new beginnings, LOTS of money spent (for a good reason) and working hard toward goals. 

Happy Thursday; Happy August.

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