An Exercise Routine

by - 11/08/2018

101 in 1001 #64. Figure out a weekly exercise routine that includes both running and strength training. Stick to it for at least one month straight. || Completed October 2018

It feels a little ironic posting this, since I've been sick this week (a migraine, and some other fun stuff that has really knocked me out) and haven't exercised. BUT. A sickness has been my downfall in the past, but I won't let it be this time! As soon as I'm back to 100% I will be exercising again. 

Anyway, back to the story.

I've been a runner since high school, and it's always been my favorite way to exercise. I just love getting outside, moving my body, getting my heart rate up, and filling my lungs with fresh air.

But especially since having Mr. Jack, I've recognized that I really need to work on more muscles than just my legs. That whole giving birth thing really does a number on the ab muscles!

I've dabbled in things here and there, but never was really able to stick to it.

Until October.

It had been a while since I'd exercised, and I wasn't eating very well either. My sisters and my mom started this clean eating challenge and were talking my ears off about it, and after trying some of the [delicious] food I decided to jump in, too (more on that later!). Part of this eating challenge, though, is consistent exercise.

Now, when I initially decide to do something, it's never halfway. I'm either all in, or I'm not doing it. So, I decided to kick it into gear and get going. Starting October 1st, which just conveniently happened to be a Monday, I signed up again for the BBG program (6 workouts/week), and got to work! And I didn't miss a single day the whole month!

I didn't fill my rings every day, but those little dots next to the rings? That indicates a workout! I did it! :)

Jim was actually a huge help with this. He asked me what my "trigger" was going to be to make sure I worked out. He's been reading up on habits, and he's been teaching me that the best way to stick to them is to have a trigger or a pairing with something else so you're reminded to do it. So, I decided my workout would happen before I ate breakfast, every day. Because I know myself and I know I'd make excuses if I did it at any other time.

I have been AMAZED at how well it's worked! I committed to getting up at 5AM on my two work days so I can fit it in before I have to leave, and then I just do it whenever I get up on the other days. BBG is a program that includes strength training three days a week, and cardio the other three, which has felt like the PERFECT balance for this girl who loves her running. 

Now, it's been a bit easier to manage with the nice fall weather, because on my cardio days I've just been taking Jack and going for walks/jogs! But now that it's getting colder I don't know that I want to take him out. So that's going to take some figuring out. BUT I AM COMMITTED! I have so many options available, I just might have to switch to getting up early on all weekdays to fit it in. Which I can do!

This exercise plan, along with the eating challenge (again-- more on that later!), has been incredible for me and I feel so healthy and great! I'm excited to continue on. Nothing beats taking care of your body!

Happy Thursday!

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