101 in 1001: The List

Here are the 101 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days! Click here for more details on why I'm doing this! On this page I'll italicize things I'm working on, cross off items that are complete, and link to posts about the completed items!

Start date: September 21, 2017
End date: June 18, 2020 (my birthday!)

TO GO: 78


1. Make a photo book of our wedding day || Completed February 2018
2. Make a photo book of Jack's first year, and finish his milestone book || First Year, Milestone Completed June 2018
3. Make a photo book of our San Fran trip || Completed June 2018
4. Make date nights without baby a regular thing - at least twice a month for 1 year
5. Teach Jack baby sign
6. Take Jack to the dinosaur museum || Completed 6.12.18
7. Have another baby
8. Start a journal for Jack


9. One month without setting foot in Target. :)
10. Pay off debt. || Completed January 2018
11. Save $10 for every item on the list 
12. One month without spending ANY money on personal/fun things. Money not spent into a savings account
13. 3 months of expenses in savings


14. Learn how to bake bread or something else with yeast that totally scares me
15. Make a cake and a pie from scratch
16. Meal plan and make dinner 4 nights/week for 2 weeks
17. Try something new at 3 of my most frequented restaurants
18. Go to 3 new restaurants
19. Make 10 new recipes, at least one in each of the following categories: dessert, dinner (and dinner #2), foreign, salad, healthy, drink, and something with quinoa! :)
20. Bake and decorate sugar cookies and take some to neighbors
21. Learn how to can fruit or veggies, and/or make homemade jam


22. Go to a movie by myself 
23. Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use it, including taking a photography class.
24. Wear a dress or skirt every day for a week, two different times
25. Find some amazing fall foliage and take pictures
26. Go to at least 3 concerts/shows: a band I love, a classical music concert, and a broadway show (or, more realistically, something at Tuachan)
27. Take outfit photos and post them to the blog at least 5 times
28. Get a massage
29. Get some hunter boots || Completed Nov 2017
30. Post 5 times a week on the blog for one month || Completed June 2018
31. Watch The West Wing || Completed 1/5/18
32. Watch 25 movies already released on video that I've never seen, including at least one western movie at Jim's request. :)
33. Learn how to make/edit my own videos and make at least 2 of Jack (day in the life, first year
34. Figure out a cute straight hairstyle for my short hair || Completed 10/5/17
35. Do something different with my hair every day for a week
36. Go on a hike || Completed May 26, 2018
37. Learn how to use Photoshop
38. Go to the Zoo lights
39. Write down my dreams every morning for a month
40. Watch a foreign film without spoken English, with subtitles
41. Wear lipstick every day for 2 weeks
42. Learn how to hand-letter, then make something and hang it on the wall
43. Make a piece of jewelry
44. Don't say anything negative for 3 days
45. Refashion or sew from scratch one item of clothing
46. Visit a lavender field
47. Go to a pumpkin patch
48. Go to a museum I've never visited
49. Watch every Doris Day movie
50. Watch one of my favorite childhood or teen-years TV shows from start to finish


51. Lose the last 8 pounds to reach my goal weight (6 lbs to go!!)
52. With the exception of a pregnancy, maintain my goal weight (within 3 lbs) for the duration of the list
53. While pregnant, gain less than 35 pounds and (health permitting) exercise at least 3 times a week
54. Run another half marathon Completed April 2018
55. Run 2 other races besides a half (5K and 10K) || 5K 7.14.2018
56. Buy some new running shoes Completed February 2018
57. Acquire enough cute exercise clothes to last me one week without washing
58. Finally get that tooth crowned || Complete 11/2017 (Taking pictures of my teeth is weird so no post for this one.)
59. No sugar for one week (starting small, people). Then try it for one month.
60. Fill my activity rings on my watch every day for a month (go for Sunday walks!)
61. No Dr. Pepper or any other soda/caffeine for a month
62. Go to bed at 10 and wake up at 6AM every day for two weeks - start the day by myself!
63. Meditate every morning for two weeks || Completed May 2018
64. Figure out a weekly exercise routine that includes both running and strength training. Stick to it for at least one month straight.
65. Go for a run on the beach OR a trail run in the mountains*
66. Be a vegetarian for a week
67. Get a jogging stroller and run outside twice a week for a month


68. Complete 4 decor crafts for my home, including an everyday table centerpiece
69. Print wedding day photos and hang them || Completed Feb 2018
70. Organize my computer and phone files, photos, etc. || Completed 8.8.18
71. Print most recent family pictures and hang them || Completed Feb 2018
72. Finish decorating our bedroom, including a new full-length mirror. || Completed Jan 2018
73. Decorate the extra bedroom || Completed Jan 2018
74. Clean out/declutter all the house closets
75. Decorate the bathrooms
76. Organize the pantry  || Completed 1/19/18


77. Read (or listen to) 150 books over the course of the list
78. Secret item!!! :) Details to come once it's complete! || SECRET REVEALED: Get my bachelor's degree! || Completed February 2018.
79. Read all the books in my house. Organize and document what I have. Donate/sell the ones I don't like or won't read again.
80. Write about my 100 books read in 2017 || Completed 2/7/18
81. Learn Rhapsody in Blue, start to finish. 
82. Write a song on the piano
83. Read A Christmas Carol
84. Learn how to parallel park
85. Brush up on my ASL and use it in a real conversation!
86. Play/practice the piano 30 minutes a day for a month
87. Make a list of 5 people who have positively influenced me, and write them letters
88. Read 2 classics over 500 pages


89. Read the Book of Mormon twice during the list
90. Go to the temple once a month for 6 months in a row
91. Listen to at least one conference talk per day for two weeks
92. Read Jesus the Christ
93. Read scriptures every day for a month
94. Go to Music and the Spoken Word


95. Go to the East Coast OR spend a weekend in Park City*
96. Visit a national park
97. Spontaneous weekend vacation (can it be considered spontaneous if I'm writing it down on a list of goals?! HA)
98. Go to HP World California || Completed Dec 2017
99. Road trip to a new place
100. Visit 3 new states OR Visit 3 new cities*
101. Identify and visit 5 cool places in Utah I've never been

*Updates made 6/1/2018: I made this list before Jim planned to go back to school. Now that MBA school will be our life for the next two years, a couple of the items on my list may not be financially feasible or possible with Jim's schedule. So, I added some alternate options that I feel are equally exciting but not as much money or as time consuming. If I accomplish one of the options on an asterisked item, I will consider that number complete!