----FAQ by literally no one other than me----

I started this blog in 2009 because everyone was doing it. It quickly turned into a journal of sorts, and a way for me to brain-dump any and every thought during those stressful college years. Since then, my consistency in posting here has ebbed and flowed, but I always find myself coming back. Lately, I've been feeling the itch to post more consistently again - but this time as more of a lifestyle blog and an outlet for this mamma who needs to use her creative brain! This will continue to be my online journal, but I'm also excited to add in some new creative content. Stay tuned!

Yep! It's nothing too fancy right now, but I did add in that sticky dropdown menu header at the top - and that was no small feat! I also added the menu on this page you're looking at right now! I have some minor coding experience and can usually figure things out myself. It's one of my nerdy guilty pleasures. :)

While I've done a little bit of freelance design for friends in the past, I really don't have the skills currently to do a full-blown blog design. That said, I took a coding class in college, and I've done a fair amount of CSS/HTML/Javascript research throughout my blogging days. I have learned a few tricks along the way, so feel free to hit me up if you have questions. I might be able to help, or at least point you in the right direction!

Okay, this question really is a FAQ for me. I get asked this all the time. The answer is: yes! Aside from one misguided attempt at highlights in junior high, I have never dyed my hair. The color often changes on its own (which is probably the reason why I constantly get asked if I dye it!) but it's always been in this strawberry blonde family. It was bright red when I was a baby!

Another question I get asked constantly. Almost every year, I chop my hair short and about 6-8 months later it's super long again! Unfortunately, no, I don't have any tips... it just grows that way! It does make it way less scary to chop it though.

This is another real-life FAQ. When it's short, I use a 1/2" curling iron and wrap my hair around it. If I use a bigger curling iron, the curl doesn't hold! To get body at the top, I do it in layers, tease first, then curl. I also straighten the ends once I'm done so it's not too Shirley Temple. :) I use Aveda hair products (esp the hairspray!) and that stuff holds for days (literally!). When my hair is long, I prefer a bigger curling iron (usually a 1") and the process is basically the same! I may do an actual tutorial of this, if I'm ever feeling brave enough!

Yes! I have ZERO intention of becoming an actual fashion blogger. That said, I love clothes and I love wearing cute things! As a mostly SAHM (I work two days a week) sometimes it's hard for me to find a reason to get dressed on my at-home days. So, I'm starting this as a way to get my creative juices flowing. I always feel better when I actually get ready for the day, so I think this will be good for me in lots of ways.

We met at Utah State University as students. We were in the same ward. Don't ask me how, but I convinced Jim to write all about our Love Story a few years ago! It's so fun. :) You can read it here.

REAL TALK RIGHT HERE: I gained 50lbs while I was pregnant with Jack. I had preeclampsia, which also made me retain water, and made me feel sick, too - especially at the end. So, it was pretty difficult to be active or eat well while I was pregnant. To lose the weight (which took me about 9 months), I've been counting macros and exercising 4-6 times a week! I consulted a dietician on this plan and it has worked wonders. I may do a full post about this soon!

My all-time favorite is, obviously, Harry Potter, but I have so many others too. A recent favorite is Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan. I. am. obsessed. Lots of book reviews forthcoming, stay tuned!

At least 10. No joke. #TEAMJESS